5 Best VPS for Forex Traders

Rather than using a normal VPS, it’s always recommended to use a VPS with Forex Trading capabilities. It ensures that there aren’t any delays in executing your orders and also the VPS gets the orders executed at rapid speed. If you’re using an expert advisor along with VPS for Forex Trading, it would be just like icing on the cake. 

Moreover, in order to ensure there’s no interruption in the connection, a Forex VPS is a must so that you always get the information to the latest market trends. If you want to be in the game and rule the market, here are few best VPS for Forex trading you must watch out.

Best VPS for Forex Trading in 2021


There are a plethora of VPS options for Forex trading but the ones that have data centers near to your city, 99.99% uptime and most importantly DDoS protection are the finest of all VPS providers. Here are the top 5 VPS providers that are perfect for Forex Trading!


#1. AccuWebHosting

With 14+ data centers all around the world and 4 in USA, AccuWebHosting has probably covered all parts of the world (major trading locations). And this helps you to get lowest latency possible. It provides 99.99% uptime with 24 X 7 forex trading capabilities. It is Windows based VPS which comes with blazing fast SSD drive as well. 

AccuWebHosting lets you run multiple trading terminals on a single VPS account which is simply amazing! Of course, it’s not cheap as compared to other providers but the service is robust and highly reliable! So if you want the best of VPS forex trading options, AccuWebHosting is your way to go!


#2. ForexVps.Net

Trusted by over 1 million traders around the world and over a decade of service, ForexVps.Net needs no introduction. The basic VPS plan starts from $29.99 which is costly as compared to AccuWebHosting to be honest but given the CPU cores and the SSD space, it’s worth it. 

It hardly takes 5 minutes to set up the VPS for Forex Trading purposes. The VPS supports most of the brokers and platforms along with 24 X 7 technical support as well. It has more than 850+ positive reviews on Trustpilot making the most trusted brand for Forex Trading VPS. So what keeps you waiting? Get your VPS account with ForexVps.Net now!


#3. NextPointHost

NextPointHost runs on Windows OS and it comes with MetaTrader software. Of course, the pricing is on the higher side but given the fact that it provides 3 GB RAM with all plans, a dedicated IP, 10 GBPS speed, 40 GB SSD Disk Space, 100% Uptime and lowest latency, it’s completely worth every penny you spend. 

The VPS supports all the devices including smartphones as well which makes accessing your account on the go! The data centers are located in New York, London and Singapore which are less as compare to AccuWebHosting but they’re more than enough if you’re just getting started and need 100% uptime. Get Forex VPS from NextPointHost here!


#4. VPSServer

With more than 50,000+ customers all around the world and 15+ data centers, VPSServer is one the most reliable VPS providers for Forex Trading. It has 8 data centers in USA and the rest in other parts of the world. 

The best part is it has both Windows and Linux OS support and it’s easy to setup as well. You can always scale your server to maximum limits given the flexibility of VPSServer’s VPS features. It has 99.99% uptime guarantee  and has 24/7 free technical support in case if you’re stuck anywhere. You can buy VPS of VPSServer from here.


#5. RouterHosting

If you’re from USA and looking for a kick-ass VPS for Forex Trading, RouterHosting is your way to go! With more than 10+ data centers and locations in USA, it’s the finest VPS for you and your customers. 

The speed of this VPS is decent and uptime is 100% giving you uninterrupted services. With 2 CPU cores in the basic plan, it’s more than enough to get started! Get VPS from RouterHosting now! 


If you’re using the account from multiple locations, AccuWebHosting is the recommended one but if you’re from USA and accessing your Forex account within the country, then RouterHosting is your way to go without any second thoughts!


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