5 Best VPS for Amazon Sellers

When you want to become a responsible Amazon seller, you need to have the best windows VPS hosting for that. When you use a Window vps to use login and logout from your amazon account, this will help you protect your account for being banned by amazon. Below are the top 5 best windows vps hosting service website that you can order from.

1.Interserver.net ( Editor’s choice)

It is one of the most affordable servers in the world, with only $5.00 per month as a fee for its services. Interserver.net gives business people unlimited bandwidth to ensure all their customers work at the same pace. The server’s average ping time is close to 516ms, being the lowest in its class. The founding members have invested in top-quality hardware to offer unlimited storage to business sites registering there. That gives you the chance to operate your Amazon Selling Store through this VPS and earn big. Their future plans are to expand globally and gain a significant part of the market share, giving wireless options to most enrolled businesses.


These servers can give you the best hosting for your Amazon Selling site based in New Jersey. They have already been serving more than 100 thousand sites offering quick ping responses and unlimited storage and bandwidth. Their trained staff is always there 24/7 when you need them and can give you solutions to any upcoming and persistent issue. They operate servers in the USA, Canada, Singapore, India, Australia, and France, covering 99% of the available traffic worldwide. They give affordable packages to new Amazon seller start-ups that can begin from as low as $9.99 per month. 


They are the highest expanding virtual server brand in the world. They currently operate offices and servers in North America, Europe, and Asia. They plan to cover Oceania and Africa soon since world online trade increases traffic from those continents. The vpsserver.com admin team decided to offer 12 distinct plans for business and site owners having different needs. You can use all the servers’ multiple-core infrastructure to set-up your online store paying a minimal fee that can start from as low as $10.99 per month. The support is monumental,givingn you the chance to contact them through a regular phone line, email, or even chat. These VPS service providers also take higher safety precautions for DDos and other hackers’ attacks to their servers to ensure a smoother function for their customers’ Amazon seller sites.


Routerhosting.com has been operating since 2008 in various US and UK places, where they have deployed their servers. The basic difference is that they work on multiple-core CPUs and can support Windows and Linux based sites. No matter what your level of expertise, this hosting company can successfully give you the right advice for your Amazon Seller site. They give you unlimited storage and bandwidth. On the other hand, you have one of the lowest ping times in history. You can keep all your customers happy by the automated online inventory showing which items are in your storage and which are expecting to come. The servers are safe from external threats and can offer plans to host your site for $19.99 per month, being a good alternative to all the other VPS services you may find online.


That is the only fully integrated managed hosting VPS you will find online. They insist on giving personalized support to each of their customers. That is why they assign an account manager for every Amazon Seller site enrolled in their VPS service. They can manage to host 10gig sites easier than ever before. The speed of information can travel fast to cover higher traffic needs. Colossuscloud.com can also support Windows and Linux applications with the same ease. Their plans are affordable for any business owner.

Final Words

VPS centers for Amazon Selling sites are more than necessary in today’s digital market. That is why you should go with the best and save yourself money, time, and frustration. Pick the right VPS server according to your online business’s developing needs!

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