How to unlock Galaxy S20 (Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T)

Just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S20 and looking to unlock it to travel or better services? you are in the right place continue reading below to discover the best way to do it.

Unlock AT&T Samsung Galaxy S20


Before request unlocking service from at&t you need to be eligible for that, below are the requirement for at&t unlock:

  • The phone you want to unlock can’t be reported lost or stolen
  • Your device must be fully paid off, with no remaining installments
  • Make sure your device isn’t active on another AT&T account
  • Wait 14 days after an upgrade to unlock your old device if you upgraded early—If you have a business account wait 30 days
  • Have active AT&T service for at least 60 days with no past due or unpaid balance

If you are eligible CLICK HERE to unlock your phone with AT&T

Unlock T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S20


Here are what you need to know before requesting tmobile to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S20:

  • T-mobile can unlock devices only sold by T-mobile
  • The device must be paid in full
  • The device IMEI cannot be blocked after verification
  • The Device must has been used on t-mobile network for at least 40 days

If think you are eligible for t-mobile please contact them to get your phone unlocked asap.

Unlock Sprint Samsung Galaxy S20


Here are the requirements to get your phone unlocked b Sprint in 2020.

  • The device must be able to be unlocked
  • The device must be or have been active on the Sprint network for a minimum of 40 days
  • Any types of plan must be paid off.
  • The account must be in good standing
  • The device hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen.

CLICK HERE to unlock your phone with Sprint today.


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