Best iPhone 8 replacement Battery for Repair

We all know that good things don’t last forever. This is a bitter reality for iPhone 8 that can get recharged virtually 4,000 times before the battery goes dead once and for all. However, there are things you could do to bring your iPhone 8 back to life.

The battery replacement kits sold on Amazon are the most affordable solution and the last resort before getting to the expensive service centers Apple has around the world. If you want to take your chances and remove the old battery kit from your iPhone 8 then you can save tons of money.

Here you can find the three most competent and promising battery replacement kits for the iPhone 8 smartphone that has been one of the most popular smartphones of the recent years.

Wavypo iPhone 8 Battery replacement

That is the most famous company constructing batteries for iPhones and other devices. The iPhone 8 has been the most widely needing smartphone requiring a battery change every year. With Wavypo you can have the latest technology in batteries. That ones comes in a kit where you will find all the necessary tools to remove the old part and place the new ones.

The company always has some videos uploaded on YouTube and other social media to help you follow the procedure and know what to do when opening your smartphone. The battery kit works in 2,600mAh making it a powerful charging place for your iPhone 8. No matter what are the energy needs during a busy day the iPhone 8 Wavypo battery will guarantee the smartphone will last.

Finally, Wavypo battery replacement kit costs about $22.85 that is one of the lowest prices you can get online. People think that the company has many things to offer and will give you more sophisticated iPhone products in the nearest future.


oGoDeal iPhone 8 Replacement Battery Kit

Here is another famous iPhone 8 replacement battery kit manufacturer that sells its products through Amazon. The current product is eligible for immediate shipment and can reach you anywhere in the world. The oGoDeal uses Chinese and American technology that gives more power to your iPhone 8 smartphone.

The battery replacement kits has about 2,600mAh of electric currency that are more than enough to support the daily needs in talking and functioning applications. The kit comes with precise information about how you should open the iPhone 8 case and what you need to do to remove the battery and place the new one. The new battery is tested under scrutiny for any potential issues, like overheating and undercharging. Nothing happens and you can enjoy the excellence that oGoDeal can provide for its customers.

If you still have questions about the product or simply need some extra guidance about the installation procedure, you can always watch the videos and tutorials available online for the oGoDeal batteries. The battery costs approximately $27.99 and gives you the assurance of the oGoDeal company.


Elephant’s Story iPhone 8 Battery Replacement Kit

Here is one of the most affordable iPhone 8 battery replacement kits. It costs only $19.95 on Amazon and can get shipped directly to you with no hassle. The kit contains the tools, adhesives, screwdrivers and glues you are going to need in order to give your iPhone 8 a new battery.

Elephant’s Story battery kit gives you a less powerful battery that runs on 2,200mAh that is enough to cover your basic needs when talking on your iPhone 8. It seems like this battery can last for less than 2,500 recharging cycles, however the affordable prices can give you more than enough incentives to buy one more every time you like.

That battery is also made from recyclable materials so that Elephant’s Story mission to reserve and respect the environment is enforced. The battery kit comes at you from the factory for any malfunction and charging issues. It seems like that battery has the least probability to overheat compared to others since it has a lower electric currency running through its cells.

With that battery you can give life to your iPhone 8 and remain calm since you save lots of money by doing the replacement all by yourself.


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