Best iPhone 7 replacement battery to buy [2020]

You really like your iPhone 7/7 plus? but you battery is messing up and you don’t want to change it yet, we took the time to research the top best iPhone 7 and 7plus replacement battery online for you that worked like a charm – just like the original one without any lags! So let’s get started continue reading below. 

Here are the The top best iPhone 7 and 7plus Replacement Battery

LCLEBM Higher Capacity Battery replacement for iPhone 7

With a staggering battery capacity of 2600 mAh, it’s sure to last for 1 or even 2 days with minimal usage. It’s actually more in terms of capacity as compared to the original iPhone 7 battery which has 1960 mAh capacity. It comes with a complete repaid tool kit and also has a 1-year warranty included!

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Vasea iPhone 7 Battery replacement 

Rated over 100+ positive reviews on Amazon, it seems like this is the most preferred product when it comes to iPhone 7 battery replacements. It can last up to 700 charging cycles and that’s probably enough to last at least for 2 years if you charge once daily. Make sure you visit a professional to get the battery replaced. It comes with a complete installation kit though if you want to replace it yourself. 

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LeeVee 2350 mAh Battery replacement for iPhone 7

Yet another battery replacement option for your iPhone 7 and this time it’s from LeeVee. Given the Grade A+++ cells that ensure long battery life is a cost-saving option as the battery will last longer. It’s a premium battery and comes with a repair or installation kit which is easy to use. It comes with a 3 years warranty and that the USP of LeeVee!

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So these are some of the best iPhone 7 battery replacement options available on Amazon. Let’s now see the batteries available for iPhone 7 Plus!

JEMESI iPhone 7 Plus Replacement battery

JEMESI has a battery capacity of 3500mAh which is almost 20% more as compared to the original battery of iPhone 7 Plus. It’s compatible with iPhone 7 Plus A1661, A1784, A1785 models only. The batteries of JEMESI have FFC, CE, and ROHS certifications that speak volumes about the quality of the product!

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LeeVee iPhone 7 Plus Replacement 

Just like iPhone 7, this battery from LeeVee for iPhone 7 Plus has a similar quality. The only difference is the capacity that is 3500mAh and is only compatible with A1661, A1784, A1785 models of iPhone 7 Plus. It comes with a repair and installation kit as well and has a warranty of 3 years!

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JBEIY iPhone 7 Replacement Battery

If you’re probably looking for a cheaper option as compared to JEMESI and LeeVee, this battery from JBEIY is your way to go! It has got 3500mAh battery capacity and it comes with a warranty of 12 months along with a 30-day refund policy. Now that’s just like icing on the cake, isn’t it?! The battery is easy to install and has 20% higher capacity than the original battery of iPhone 7 Plus!

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We hope you’ve now found a perfect battery replacement for iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus! Stay tuned for more reviews!

Can you self replace your own iPhone 7/7 plus battery?

Yes if you follow youtube videos steps by steps you will be able to replace your iPhone 7/7 plus battery

How much does it cost to replace your iPhone 7/7 plus battery?

The cost to replace your iPhone 7 batteries depends on the route you choose if you are going to use apple store service just make sure your phone is still under warranty, if not the cost is $49.

if you are going to use third party local store, I’m sure the cost is very different, price varies by store and location.If you choose to do it your self, you will need to buy your own battery price around $20-$29 depending on seller and quality, and follow youtube videos carefully.

What’s the best iPhone 7/7 Plus Replacement Battery Brand?

Click here to discover the best iPhone 7 and 7 plus replacement battery brand.

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