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Virtual Private Network, also known as VPN is a technology that is used to secure a network while surfing through the public network. This technology is mostly used by government departments, major corporations, and academic institutions to enable remote users to link safely to their private networks. However, it is of great significance that you choose a reliable and safe VPN service provider. This is why here is with the review of one of the best VPNs which is the IPBurger. So, here we begin with it now!

What is IPBurger?

IPBurger is a company with corporate headquarters in Texas in 2017. It is a specialist being the latest and committed IP. To support companies like e-commerce, advertising, and SEO in solving the IP address drawbacks and limitations, IPBurger provides high-quality IP addresses and substitutes. It has managed over 3 million users globally since it has been created. 

You can luckily attach it with the VPN-enabled routers and many other VPN-supporting devices. Besides this, around 4 devices can be connected to the IPBurger software without any problem. This means that it can help you meet all the individual requirements of providing online privacy and protection. IPBurger is currently available in the countries like UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, and Germany. Furthermore, the company is planning to expand its services to more locations.

Why Pick IPBurger?

IPBurger provides the latest and dedicated IPs, which are called the ‘Fresh IP addresses’. It also lets you avoid the skip CAPTCHA authentication process, encrypt the connection to the company’s servers, and safe online payments. A private authenticated Domain Name System (DNS) can be run on each server by the IPBurger. It will speed up the connections and also provide you extra security. In addition, it provides native apps for Windows XP, macOS 10.6 to 10.14, and Vista 7, 8 & 10. It is also compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS. 

There are more such features of IPBurger which you need to know before planning to get your hands on it. Here are some of the most important ones.

  • Logging and Privacy

IPBurger always ask for personal information from the users. It can include email ID, name, contact, and payment credentials. It also has the feature of showing the crash reports and VPN diagnostics. You can turn it off when not needed. 

  • Security 

Currently, IPBurger can get connected to various protocols that can support numerous options for different platforms. IPBurger transmits the traffic using the best encryption technology, the AES-256 cipher. These software functions also provide forward protection that provides you with added protection against any unauthorized parties.

  • Torrenting

Due to the copyright rules, IPBurger doesn’t really accept torrents on its servers. Many users claim that torrenting is enabled and IPBurger also offers a simple guide that teaches you how to use the app with the most common BitTorrent clients. We are not entirely aware of what the real strategy is at the moment. 

  • Streaming

It can stream all the primary services with the help of its software. It has the best features when it comes to geo-spoofing. The available server network certainly does not cover the appropriate areas, as we have already discussed in this IPBurger review.

  • Pricing

You can now get the IPBurger VPN plans just at $9.58 per month from any of the locations which we have mentioned above. IPBurger VPN is an economical solution for creating a customized virtual private network. In addition to this, by using the IPBurger coupon while ordering, the company often provides extra discounts. Among other VPN vendors, it is quite a fair option.

  • Support

IPBurger offers 24/7 customer services to its users and you can reach the personnel using the support ticket system offered or by sending them an email request. The help page also features a live chat button.

Final Words

There are lots of features for you to like in IPBurger. A lot is provided by having a huge range of server locations to a strong set of security features, and it can be use as a vpn for ebay stealth. The software is very convenient to use, and also, the company offers four connections at once. If IPBurger fulfills your requirement, then you can get it today!


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