Hostpapa Canada Web Hosting Review (2021)

Hostpapa is a privately owned, Canada-based organization that provides hosting services to over 500,000 websites worldwide. The company has been active since 2006.  

Hosting companies provide the same service – a place to host your website! This makes it a bit difficult to separate them. However, in this Hostpapa Canada web hosting review, we will be taking a look at the qualities that distinguish their Canadian web hosting service from other competing brands.  


  • Price 

The key thing to consider when looking at cost-effectiveness is the value you get in exchange. Hostpapa offers a very transparent pricing system, so you know exactly what you’re getting. This is a significant advantage over many other hosting services that use hidden fees and upsells. 

Hostpapa offers three hosting packages you can choose from. The Starter pack renews at $7.99/mo while the Business and Business Pro packages renew at $12.99 and $19.90, respectively. There are also very steep discounts when you make long term purchases. 

The Starter package gives you access to two domains and 100gb of space. With the Business and Business Pro packages, both domain and server space are unlimited  

  • Customer Service  

One of the advantages of small, privately-owned businesses like Hostpapa is that they pay a lot of attention to customer service (hooray)! Their customer care centers are available via chat, email, phone, and social media. Their multi-channel availability is a much-desired quality when choosing web hosting services.  

Customers have also reported being able to access the customer care representatives within a few minutes. The multilingual support system ensures that you are attended to even if you’re outside Canada. They also have DIY customer care services in the form of articles and tutorial videos. 

  • Additional Services 

Aside from web-hosting, purchasing a Hostpapa package comes with some other benefits. Hostpapa doubles as a domain registrar, so you get a free domain registration when you sign up with them.  

They also have a WordPress hosting product that is better than what most hosting companies offer.   


  • Lack of automatic server backup 

Automatic updates are an add-on feature with Hostpapa. This means you will have to pay extra for them. This may not be a challenge for most website owners since you’re expected to have your private backup. 

  • Location of Databanks 

Most of Hostpapa’s data banks are located in North America. This means that the core of their users are either website owners in the region or international businesses. If you’re not in the region, there can be slight issues with the server. Their multilingual customer support can usually handle any issues of that nature. So, in hindsight, it may not be an issue at all. 

Bottom Line 

Your choice of website hosting service depends mostly on what you need. Although Hostspapa offers value for money, it is not the cheapest provider in its category. It is recommended for small businesses and individuals to choose the quality of this service over bargain pricing. That being said, you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth with Hostpapa!

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