Best iPhone X Replacement Battery for Repair

When you have a state-of-the art iPhone X, the last thing you want is to stay without a new battery. It seems like batteries lose their power as soon as you realize that you want them the most. 

Batteries in iPhone X are embedded in the case of the phone and there is no easy way to open it, unless you have done it before. Hopefully, there are replacement kits online that you can easily find on Amazon, that can make it easier for you to open the case and replace your battery. 

Let’s now see the 3 best replacement battery for iPhone X that actually work and you can order them right away!

LeeVee Battery replacement for iPhone X

It is one of the lightest batteries you will find for your iPhone X on the world market. This battery is a 3,000 mAh currency charger that can give your phone energy for a long time. The battery comes in a great case containing all the tools, adhesives, screwdrivers and case openers you are going to need.

LeeVee technology is good for almost 5,000 new charging cycles giving even more energy to your iPhone X than the original factory battery. That means you are going to have much more time to enjoy your applications while talking on your iPhone X. Not to mention, that this battery can charge in less time than the original. In that case you will only need to spend a fraction of time at home or in the car to charge your iPhone back to life.

Finally, the battery is offered at the minimal price of $24.99 and can ship worldwide. It’s extremely easy to install and comes with videos and tutorials that can show you the battery switching procedure step-by-step.

DeJI Battery replacement for iPhone X

That is another great battery replacement kit for all the iPhone X owners that need extra energy for their high-end smartphone. It is a Li-Polymer 3,060mAh battery that can fit all separate editions of iPhone X, even the ones that require more energy than normal. The battery case has undergone a thermal process that gives it more resistance to heat and abnormal functioning.

DeJi industries offer all the replacement kits alongside with the battery, that include the stickers and screwdrivers that you need to open the iPhone X case and work there to replace the old battery and place the new one securely. With this battery you can be sure that it begins literally from zero cycle of recharging and can give you up to 5,000 recharges extending your iPhone X life to the future.

The battery comes to you worldwide and costs $24.99 including the replacement kits, and the videos that come together so that you have a clue about the battery changing procedure. With DeJi there is no way you can go wrong. The battery is made from eco-friendly materials which you may discard safely in the future.

oGoDeal Battery replacement for iPhone X

Here is one of the most affordable ways to have a brand new iPhone X battery replacement kit. The oGoDeal battery is the very first that offers a lower electric currency that barely reaches the threshold of 2,716mAh enough to keep your iPhone X working at all times.

It is not good for the iPhone XR edition so be careful if you are buying it for that model. This battery comes with the adhesive kit to open the iPhone X case and place the new battery the way you should. On the other hand, it can give you up to 1,000 recharging cycles without any potential problem. Not to mention, that it can give you a quicker charging time that makes it so convenient for people who are always on the go.

The oGoDeal iPhone X battery replacement kit costs only $19.99 and can get shipped to you virtually anywhere in the world. Its bigger advantage is that it weighs only 40grams and it is not going to aggravate your precious iPhone X when holding it. With that battery you will have the chance to always have a fresh energy heart in your iPhone X and never be left without connecting!

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