Best Replacement Screen Repair Kits for iPhone 7

If you want to look for the most incredible smartphone of all times, you can look at the iPhone 7. It has been one of Apple’s blockbusters and remained a top-selling iPhone since its first appearance in 2015.  One of its biggest problems that has been common for all iPhones was that the screen was vulnerable to … Read more

Best iPhone X Replacement Screen kit

One of the worst things that can happen to you when having your iPhone X is to have a broken or scratched screen. The iPhone X needs special handling for you to replace the screen. However, the procedure is more affordable when you do it by yourself rather than going to a service station.  We have seen … Read more

Best iPhone SE Replacement Screen kit

For many years iPhone SE has been one of the most misunderstood iPhones ever created and promoted to the public. Although the series were not continued with other brands, many people still are stuck with their iPhone SE editions and want to operate them on a daily basis. The iPhone SE replacement screen kits are … Read more

Best iPhone 8 replacement Screen kit

It is evident that iPhone 8 has been an all time classic smartphone that many users around the world still use. For many of us iPhone 8 devices have been the most solid and durable gadgets that Apple has ever presented to the public. Despite all that, the most vulnerable part of the phone remains … Read more

Best iPhone SE Replacement Battery Kit

When you first have bought your iPhone SE you never thought that batteries would die that soon. However, the reality is that the iPhone SE battery was dying faster than in any other iPhone model, produced so far. That is why many companies have tried and were successful in producing compatible batteries for this smartphone. … Read more

Best iPhone XR back glass replacement Kit

You accidentally dropped your iPhone xr and cracked the back? if its your case we got you covered, in this article we gonna talk about the best iPhone xr back glass cover replacement you can purchase online to make your phone look brand new again, continue reading below.. Here are the best iPhone XR replacement … Read more

Best iPhone 11 Replacement Screens

Looking for the best iPhone 11 replacement screen to buy? you are in the right place, i understand that is very difficult to just buy a new replacement screen for your iPhone 11, because you don’t really know what quality you will receive. So we did the work for you by reviewing the top 5 … Read more

Best iPhone XR Replacement Battery to buy

For the first time after years we have seen a more sophisticated iPhone XR replacement battery kit. This kind of iPhone has increased energy requirements and that is why you need to be precise and careful when picking up a new battery. Many kits that are on the market may not give you the exact … Read more